Unlock the Untapped Potential of NFTs on Pop
November 23, 2022

Unlock the Untapped Potential of NFTs on Pop

The potential of NFTs is vast. Popoo NFTs provide Proof-of-Ownership, digital identity, anonymity and so much more.

We've all heard of NFTs haven't we? Whether from within or outside of the Web3 realm, NFTs have been on the rise over the past couple of years. They've been making headlines and breaking their own sales records. Why do you think that is? Is it because they revolutionized the art scene? Is it their use cases in gaming? Let's dive in deeper and find out.

So, what do we really know about NFTs? NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens. They exist due to blockchain technology, and they play a huge role in Web3. So, what do they do? NFTs act as unique digital identifiers. In a nutshell, NFTs cannot be copied, divided, or substituted. They are tracked by the blockchain to certify ownership and authenticity. This means that a person holding an NFT is its sole owner. The impact of this simple concept was revolutionary indeed.

In the case of artists, they would be the sole owners and fake copies can be caught immediatley. Selling fake art in the real world is a serious crime. Throughout history, there were many replicas of original work sold to bamboozle art enthusiasts. Similarly, digital art is easy to steal. Artists would share their work online only to find that another user reshared it elsewhere without credit. This meant that even in the best intention of sharing good art, recognition and credibility is lost. Therefore, turning art into NFTs is the perfect solution.

Mike Winklemann, also known as Beeple, is a popular NFT artist

Another rising use case for NFTs came in the form of digital collectibles and mementos. Who hasn't saved a material token to preserve a precious memory? Think of the first concert ticket you saved, or the cinema ticket from a special night, or a flyball at a baseball game. These mementos hold a special place in our hearts. Unfortunately, material mementos tend to be vulnerable to wear, tear, and damage from weather. They can also go missing under mysterious circumstances, perhaps even lost to jealous or vengeful forces.

That's why turning mementos into NFTs is a spectacular idea. Now fans can hold precious memories in the form of an NFT. This could be special NFTs made for opening nights. Such NFTs could even give its owner special perks like access to future events. By giving these NFTs additional use cases, they become even better than physical mementos. Another similar form of NFTs to preserve memories is becoming popular in the sports sector. Fans can buy iconic moments in the form of an NFT. For instance, the winning touchdown by their favorite player can be turned and sold as an official NFT from the player or the team.

The NBA has its own official NFT collectibles

While the use of NFTs to protect art and savor memories is quite popular, NFTs made a major impact in the gaming industry. With gaming, NFT users can truly own every item they unlocked, won, or claimed on blockchain-run games. They can even own creatures and pets they find or buy within the game. This is a sensational boost to the gaming experience. Not only does it open the possibility of using gaming items onto other interoperable blockchain games, but it also gives greater value to all the time one spends playing the game.

Imagine a new gamer making their way from a novice with a basic sword only to upgrade and level up the sword to a legendary item. As an NFT the gamer can now walk into another game with the same sword and gain respect and recognition for their dedication as a gamer. Another epic use case for gaming NFTs is the ability to add to the game's lore. Picture the same sword, it now holds titles and carries battle stories, the blockchain records its every achievement and once the player retires, the sword can be sold or passed down to a new champion. It now goes up in terms of monetary value as well as mythical value within the gameplay.

Players can own their in-game items

Even with all the ways we're using the power of NFTs, we have only just begun to scratch the surface. There are still many other sectors that can benefit from this epic technology. For instance, let's have a look at the real estate sector. Many of us want to make investments, but we do not have the funds to go all-in. By turning real estate properties into NFTs, a huge number of users can buy parts of the property and make profits together.

NFTs can also assist in the legal sector, with property ownership. Instead of physical paperwork that certifies one's ownership of land and property, an NFT will ensure that the record is always kept. It will also record who the NFT will pass on to if needed and can be traced for generations. While paperwork can be lost to flood and fire, an NFT will live on the blockchain forever. Similarly, identity cards, licenses, passports, and more could also benefit from NFT technology.

Now that we understand the incredible potential that lies within NFT technology, let's take a closer look at what Pop NFTs are bringing to creators on our platform. Specifically, Popoo NFTs gives every user on the app the ability to realize the many values that come with personalized NFTs.

For instance, they will see for themselves how Proof-of-Ownership, on-chain non-fungible ownership, transparency, traceability, art, and cross-border decentralization will help solidify a secure digital identity on Web3. Creators will be able to turn their content into NFTs and unlock value in the form of $PPT from community engagement while users will earn rewards for the value they helped create.

Experience a truly decentralized social media platform on Pop

Pop gives every user on its platform a free personalized NFT. These NFTs will act as the user's Unique Personal Identifier, thereby every user can establish their online digital Web3 identity on Pop. This will keep them accountable and anonymous at the same time. The blockchain is all about providing security and transparency and Pop is bringing this ideology to social content creation. Now everyone can leverage the creator economy with confidence.

On Pop, NFTs can tell a story, write yours now. https://www.popoo.com/early-bird