Web3 Is Run By Communities, Wouldn't You Agree?
March 8, 2023

Web3 Is Run By Communities, Wouldn't You Agree?

Communities are an essential part of the success of Web3 projects. Events like Consensus help strengthen communities.

Ever wondered why Web3 is such a big deal? What really makes it so revolutionary? Is it because of its powerful and unique technology that gives us true ownership of our work and assets or is it the limitless opportunities it provides to visionaries and entrepreneurs? Granted, Web3 has opened infinite portals for all and gives everyone the opportunity to explore their dreams without the need of third-parties. It removes barriers and allows us to connect directly without any external control. It offers more security and anonymity when compared to traditional web spaces as well.

Clearly, there are a lot of reasons for making Web3 the big deal that it is. Yet, this is not what makes it so profoundly endearing to the masses. Let's take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Years and years ago, little towns only had themselves to count on. They were self-sustained because they were a community. They took care of and provided for each other because of this strong community bond they shared. As the years flew by, the world became much more globalized and commercialized. Capitalism gave rise to monetization of products and services. While it was amazing to see this growth in the sector, it also meant losing small businesses.

Back then, businesses supported one another. This is what enabled the entire community to thrive as one. Blockchains work on the same principle. Every blockchain in an ecosystem where thousands of dreamers come together to achieve their unique goals. They are usually driven by the ideology of simplifying many traditional processes for the public. Decentralizing finance and creating a leveled playing field for the entire world to build wealth is one of the most popular promises in this space.

Small businesses helped one another thrive as one community

The changes we see from the old days to where we are in Web3 now is all thanks to a constant human pursuit towards happiness and convenience. First, we had small communities who had to choose from limited options. Then we entered an era where everything became available to us. So much so that competition led to a major gap between the quality of products and services. Along the way, trust was lost and integrity was almost forgotten. Web3 took this fundamental aspect of community from the past and brought it back to life.

Now, we have the ability to thrive in a space where both trust and community go hand in hand. By eliminating the middleman, blockchain technology allows us to interact directly with one another. Thereby building a trusted community where anonymity and accountability is guaranteed. Unlike real-world businesses where competition leads to hegemony, Web3 encourages collaboration. Every blockchain is only as successful as its community. Projects often spend a lot of time choosing which blockchain they should begin their journey. After all, it is the active participation of the community that will ensure the success of the project.

A strong community is guaranteed when the project puts them in the middle. Keeping the community feeling involved, happy, and satisfied is the best course of action for any Web3 project. Direct collaboration will also spark relevant ideas and further push the growth of the whole Web3 ecosystem. This is why crypto events such as Consensus are so important. Since 2015, CoinDesk has hosted its annual blockchain event where they encourage sparkling industry-related conversation to take place.

Globalization killed communities and trust

Consensus is a community-driven event. Picture Comic Con, except, instead of comic and pop culture fans, it is an event that will cater to blockchain, crypto, and Web3 enthusiasts. Events are setup to fail without fans and believers. Can you imagine Comic Con without industry stars making an appearance? Or better yet, let's put it the other way around. A convention can have huge names, but it will be a huge empty hall without the fans there to cheer them on and support their work. Similarly, crypto events are fueled by community members. They spread the word, they eagerly await announcements, they expect to see true believers of Web3 technology to show up and speak their truth.

Consensus is so globally revered, that Web3 projects from all over the world flock here to showcase their ideas and network with fellow blockchain believers. Pop will be making an appearance at Consensus 2023. We are thrilled to be sponsors of this annual event that hosts some of the most important industry-centric conversations. Come say hello and get your hands on some exclusive Pop merch at Consensus 2023! We've got some exciting activities planned and special prizes in store for you.

Pop is a sponsor of Consensus 2023, come say hello

All in all, the world of Web3 is quite new. It is still welcoming new visionaries into the space. This is why events such as Consensus are important. It is integral to showing the world that blockchain technology is here to stay and that we can do so much good in its presence. As the Comic Con of Web3, Consensus welcomes every individual who resonates with the ideologies that come with Web3 technology. We are meant to work together to build something better and greater than what we have now.

Pop understands the importance of community in Web3. This is why we are constatly engaging with our community so we can all work towards achieving our goals together. We put our community in the middle and give you the chance to voice your opinions. We want the Pop community to know that we always hear your calls, and we will give you the power to make decisions on the Pop ecosystem. Use this power wisely as Pop has a lot of exciting new features that will soon be introduced on the Pop app.

You can be a Pop beta tester today

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