Protocol Engine

Designed as a secure protocol engine, Pop is an open platform, social meta builder powered by Binance Smart Chain.

Soulbound Identity

Bring your unique experiences as a creator into the realm of Web3 with Pop SBTs,our immutable on-chain social identity.

Omnichain Integration

Pop will bridge and connect to multiple chains so you can experience everything the Web3 world has to offer seamlessly.

DApp Central

A powerhouse developed to execute multiple dapps within our ecosystem, access videos, articles, games and, NFTs.

Ownership Economy

Carry existing social recognition and established social identities into Web3 with Pop's anonymous Proof-of-Ownership technology.

Web3 Abstraction

Don't sweat the complex technical know-hows of Web3 with Pop's simplified social portal and leverage its infinite wonders.

Import your Web2 Identity

Users spend years building their own socialidentity and content. Easily import your existingbrand without compromising privacy.

Soulbound Identity Token

The Popoo Soulbound token allows for an inter operable social identity across Web3. Your social identity and brand grows alongside you in the Popoo Ecosystem as you earn achievements and gain social renown.

Creator NFT

Unlock the power of the creator economy byturning your content into NFTs.Collect rewardsfor user engagement.

Popoo NFT

Level up your unique Cybercity NFT and collectengagement rewards for doing what you love.

Unique Personal Identifier

Transfers & In app Interactions made easy with on chain Popoo Name Service

Wallet &Marketplace

Trade and Level up Popoo NFTs, Send and Swap$ PPT effortlessly.Wallet & Crypto are seamlessly integrated.Easily Buy and Sell Popoo NFTs within the app

Ecosystem Partnerships Web2 to Web3
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Third Party Partnerships Products, Services,Marketplace
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Products & IP Distribution
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Creator Studio
I'm a description I'm a description
B2B IP Partnerships (web2)
I'm a description I'm a description
Incubation Studio Lunch Pad
I'm a description I'm a description
IP Distribution Games, Creators
I'm a description I'm a description
B2B Partnerships (web3)
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User to User Interaction & Ads
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Text Based Content Video Content
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Web 3 Wallet
Trade and Level up Popoo NFTs, Send and Swap $PPT effortlessly

Meet Our Tokens

The Pop ecosystem is run by two native tokens. The first is the Pop Token ($PPT). This is a token that can be earned and used to make purchases on the app. The second is the Pop Governance Token ($PGT). This token will give users the power to practice governance on the app.


The Pop Token ($PPT) plays an important role in the Pop ecosystem. Users can earn $PPT by engaging with the app. The more they engage, the more $PPT they earn. Users can buy NFTs, mystery boxes, and more with $PPT.


The Pop Governance Token ($PGT) has fixed pre-mined supply. Those who hold $PGT gain governance rights on the platform. $PGT will also be used to launch crowdfunding campaigns for projects on the blockchain.

Manage All Your Prospects In One Place - StarUp X Webflow Template
Manage All Your Prospects In One Place - StarUp X Webflow Template

Share Link Grow

Level up in a the new world of the future by simply doing what you already love. Spend time and reconnect with friendly faces across the world on a secure and entertaining online platform. Grow as one symbiotic community and have a say in what your future should look like.


Ideas run the world. Share your ideas without worry of losing ownership of your work thanks to a secure decentralized platform.


Connect and interact with fun, innovative, and like-minded community members to bridge the gap between evolving technologies.


Learn, educate, and level up your talents. Experience the Web3 revolution by imparting wisdom without compromising privacy.

Our NFT collection is inspired by dystopian cyberpunk lore. Explore CyberCity through the eyes of its inhabitants. Meet the faces of CyberCity.


Cyphers are the mighty rebels of CyberCity. These brave insurgents rebelled against CyberCity's tyrannical overlords and demanded the corrupt government to give them back their right to practice total creative freedom.


Cypets are exotic creatures kept imprisoned by the unjust overlords of CyberCity. Their location, only known to the government, was breached by Cyphers who set them free. The Cypets loyalty to their saviors is unmatched.